TGI3 Schedule & Abstracts

Complete Abstract Volume (27 Mb!!)

8:20 - Neil Rogers - TGI-3 Program overview

8:30 - Ernst Schetselaar - Method development for green-fields to deposit scale 3D geologic modelling illustrated with case studies from the Abitibi, Flin Flon and Bathurst TGI3 project areas.

8:50 - Jan Peter - Use of Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry in Vectoring for Base Metal Sulfide Exploration

9:10 - John Chapman - Portable XRF and laser-ablation ICP-MS as vectoring tools in base metal exploration: Examples from the Kidd Creek Mine area

9:30 - Paul Gammon - Development of surficial (soils and water) geochemical methods of exploring for base metal deposits at Howards Pass, Yukon, and Flin Flon, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

9:50 - Wayne Goodfellow - Geochemistry and origin of geographically extensive Ni (Mo, Zn, U)-PGE sulphide deposits hosted in Devonian black shales, Yukon.

10:10 - COFFEE

10:30 - Pierre Keating - Use of a high-resolution geophysical data to help mineral exploration and geological mapping in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt

10:50 - Mike Thomas - Aeromagnetic contribution to geological understanding in TGI Cordillera Areas

11:10 - Beth McClenaghan - Till indicator mineral and geochemical signatures of magmatic Ni-Cu deposits, Thompson Nickel Belt

11:30 - Alain Plouffe - Ice-flow history and till geochemistry of the Bonaparte Lake map area, south central British Columbia

11:50 - Questions & Discussion

12:10 - LUNCH

12:40 - Bob Turner - GeoTour guides and geological highway maps: building a social license for mining and mineral exploration in southern BC

13:00 - Bob Thompson - Reconnaissance and detailed surveys in southern BC using biogeochemical methods

13:20 - Graham Andrews - Distribution and thickness of volcanic and glacial cover on the Interior Plateaus

13:40 - Katrin Breitsprecher - Targeting mineralized Late Triassic to Early Jurassic plutons in the Nicola Arc, southern Quesnel Terrane, Canadian Cordillera

14:00 - Bob Anderson - Bedrock, surficial, geophysical and geochemical mapping reveals exploration targets in the Thuya and Takomkane batholiths, southern Nicola Arc

14:20 - Jamie Kraft - Devonian-Mississippian strata and their economic implications in the northern Kootenay Arc

14:40 - COFFEE

15:00 - Suzanne Paradis - Carbonate-hosted sulphide and nonsulphide Pb-Zn Mineralization, BC; focus on new exploration criteria.

15:20 - Sarah Gleeson - Halogen analyses of fluid inclusions in the Kokanee Range Ag-Pb-Zn veins

15:40 - John Lydon - Basinal dewatering via the basement: evidence for infiltration of Paleozoic basinal brines into Mesoproterozic rocks of the Purcell anticlinorium, southeastern British Columbia

16:00 - Jamel Joseph - New TGI-3 interactive data products at a glance

16:20 - Margot McMechan - Basement controlled mineralization, intrusions and facies, southeastern British Columbia; "Two for one exploration targets”

16:40 - Questions, Discussion & Wrap-up



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