Porphyry Settings - Itinerary

Jim Monger (Geological Survey of Canada)
From geosyncline to orogenic collage: progress and problems in understanding Cordilleran evolution

Mitch Mihalynuk (BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources)
Recipe for Cu-Au-Ag ±Mo porphyry deposits: Ingredients from the northern Cordilleran terranes

Maurice Colpron and Venessa Bennett ( Yukon Geological Survey)
Mesozoic crustal structure and metallogenic setting of the northern Intermontane terranes, Yukon

Keynote 1: Jeremy Richards (Dept. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, U of A)
Postsubduction porphyry Cu-Au and epithermal Au deposits

Myron Osatenko (Serengeti Resources, Inc.)
Overview of Porphyry Deposits in B.C. and Yukon : An Exploration Perspective

Keynote 2: Mark Cloos (University of Texas at Austin)
Grasberg porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Papua, Indonesia : Structural setting and hydrothermal system

Katrin Breitsprecher (Earth & Ocean Sciences, UBC)
Tracer-isotope fingerprinting and magma sourcing for mineralized and unmineralized intrusive porphyries associated with the Nicola Arc, Southern Quesnellia

Keynote 3: Eric Jensen (Eurasian Minerals Inc; Bronco Creek Exploration, Inc.)
Gold and copper in magmatic-hydrothermal systems related to alkaline magmatism

Thomas Bissig (Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC/Geoscience BC)
Characteristics and geologic setting of alkaline porphyry Cu-Au deposits in B.C.

Craig Hart (Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC)
From Geoscience to Porphyry Targeting

Discussion of porphyry exploration strategies for the Cordillera

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