All of the GAC-CS publications are available for sale through the Geological Association of Canada Bookstore. Some highlights from our publication list include:

Geology Tours of Vancouver's Buildings and Monuments
Peter Mustard, Z. D. (Danny) Hora, and Cindy Hansen

GAC Members Price $11.22

A Transect of the Southern Canadian Cordillera from Calgary to Vancouver.
A field trip guidebook by R.A. Price and J.W.H. Monger. 2003.

GAC Members Price $24.75

Garibaldi Geology A popular guide to the geology of the Garibaldi Lake Area.
By W.H Matthews. 1975.

GAC Members Price $4.95

Vancouver Geology
By John Armstrong, 1990.


Field trip Guides

Late Quaternary Geology of Southwestern British Columbia
by John J. Clague & John L. Luternauer, 1983


Guichon Creek Batholith and Mineral Deposits
by W.J. McMillan & M.J. Osatenko, 1977


Volcanic Suites of Southern British Columbia
by B.N. Church, V.A. Preto & D.E. Pearson, 1977


Geology of Vancouver Island
by J.E. Muller, 1977