About Us

The Cordilleran Section of the Geological Association of Canada consists of a diverse group of people who have an interest in and professional affiliation with the Earth sciences as they apply to the mountainous terrain of Western Canada known as the Cordillera.

Our mandate is to provide a common meeting ground for our membership, which includes representatives from industry, the provincial and federal governments, educational institutions and the general public. As one of the more active sections of the Geological Association of Canada (another local section, in Victoria, is the Pacific Section), we publish books and field guides, organize a regular brown bag lecture series, as well as sponsor high quality lectures, short courses, and conferences. In addition, our newsletters, current event list,and local geoscience links keep our community informed of events and organizations in our area.

Our executive is always interested in ideas and comments from our membership. Please feel free to contact us with and questions or comments related to the Cordilleran Section or the Geological Association of Canada. Concerns about this website can be emailed to the address at the bottom of any page.

We can also be reached by regular mail:
PO Box 398
Station A Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2N2